Invoking the Goddess

by Anique Radiant Heart

How a Temple Can Change a Life



I’ll never forget the first time I walked into the Glastonbury Goddess Temple.


It was back in 2003. I had been yearning to come to Glastonbury for some years, having heard about the magnificent Glastonbury Goddess Conference and the amazing community of Goddess loving peoples there.  As it happened, it was my music which took me there, when Kathy Jones, having heard my CD “INVOKING THE GODDESS” invited me to present my work and my music at the Conference that year.


With a thudding heart, full of anticipation, I walked from my lodgings, down the High Street to the now beloved courtyard, and looked up to the Temple door.  It felt to me like it must have felt for pilgrims to arrive in Jerusalem.  I took a deep breath and climbed the stairs and stood at the door.  Seated on a very regal chair was one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen.  She was blonde, and largely voluptuous like me, and on her face was the sweetest smile of welcome.  I speak of the incomparable Georgina Sirrett-Armstrong Smith.  I blessed the Goddess silently, for giving me this sister as my welcoming energy,  and not one of my skinny sisters.


As I entered the Temple and removed my shoes, I was struck by the beauty.  Everywhere my eyes landed was a beautifully arranged tableau of Goddess iconography.  The elemental altars, the artwork, the main altar with She in all Her Llamas beauty, I was dizzy with the uprising of love and devotion in my heart.  I asked the Priestess (I did not know who she was at the time) if I could sing my love of She at the main altar. Georgina looked at me for a moment, and I feared that she would say “no”, yet something inside her must have said it was OK, and she said “Yes, please do”.


I stood before the main altar and took some deep breaths and sang my version of “SHE CHANGES”.  And in that moment my friends, my life changed.


You see, I have been singing all my life really, since I was 2 years old anyway. I have always known, even at that tender age, that my singing was magical.  As a child, it meant that I could get total attention from my parents and siblings just by opening my mouth and singing.  And as I grew older, I realised that being the lead singer in my school choir meant that I got time off from boring classes for special solo rehearsals with my music teacher,  who told me years later (he was a slightly mad Russian violinist himself)  that he would set rehearsals to get time off teaching boring students!!!!


As a mature woman, I earned pots and pots of money for relatively short hours as the resident vocalist in a ritzy club, which meant I could be a mum during the day and then go off and be the glamorous chanteuse in the evening. My absent professor of a husband was only too glad to babysit the boys, his nose firmly in a book while I went off and tread the light fantastic!  In later years, I sang as a political activist at anti-nuclear rallies and the like, and still earned my living as a singer.  So I have always understood the power of my singing as a way of expressing myself and as a way of earning money.

But when I stood there, in the Goddess Temple, and looked into Her eyes in the beautiful artwork by Caroline,  She spoke in my heart and told me “This is what I gave you your voice for, to adore Me and to give others the way to adore Me through listening and singing your music.”  That moment changed my life for ever.  Blessed be our sacred Temple.

Glast Main Altar Backdrop

Today, I travel the world singing Her praises. And my latest CD “PRIESTESS” which is not only a lovely CD to listen to, but also a Scared tool for Priestesses, is in a way dedicated to Georgina, because had she said “no” that fateful day,  I may not have continued to write and share  my music in quite the same way……..or would I?


Love to you all,

Anique Radiant Heart.