Invoking the Goddess

by Anique Radiant Heart

3 Day Retreat

$590 – Full payment by 15 March 2017

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$200 Deposit


What are the Chakras?


The chakras are seven energy centres in your body that affect your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. When you begin to work on your chakras, your energy begins to flow upwards.

Many people’s chakras are not balanced.

By awakening the chakras through special techniques such as chanting, activation sounds, breathing techniques, gentle movement and other methods, the energy begins to move in the right direction bringing you positivity, peace, clarity, high energy, balance and success.


About the Chanting the Chakras Retreat

This retreat is perfect for beginners and advanced practitioners of chakra work. It is taught in an easy-to-understand and practical way. Plus, there are ancient teachings and techniques that are not taught elsewhere — Goddess archetypes , original chants written by Anique, mantras, divine activation sounds, etc.

The chakra system is a tool to help you grow spiritually on your path and with the right guidance of Master Teacher Anique Radiant Heart you can begin to see lasting transformation.


Chakra Retreat Features


3 Days of Classes

In three days, you will learn a detailed overview of the chakras, states, symptoms, and techniques to awaken them.

Direct Guidance

Receive individual guidance to help you focus and follow the techniques needed based on your individual chakra assessment.

Chakra Assessment

Identify the state of each one of your chakras to determine if they are balanced, blocked, or over-active.

Activation Techniques

Obtain special and unique techniques to help activate or balance your chakras, such as Goddess Archetypes, chanting, mudras, colour therapy, activation sounds and more.

Home Practice

Leave with easy-to-follow tools, techniques and practices for when you return home, this way you can continue to work on your chakras with confidence.



Enjoy a beautiful day sitting by the pool or in the bush meditating. Watch breath-taking sunsets and expand yourself into the clear starry skies and Milky Way.

Beautiful Food

Enjoy delicious, nutritious food prepared by a local chef.

Universal & Non-Religious

Feel free to be and express your true self in a safe, non-judgmental, respectful and welcoming place. The teachings are universal and can be enjoyed and practiced by anyone regardless of faith or non-faith.

Our Accommodation



Yanada Retreat is a beautiful six bedroom country property by the picturesque McDonald River,

bounding the Yengo National Park and 2km outside the historic village of St Albans. 15 minutes from Wisemans Ferry and the Hawkesbury River, the setting is remote and idyllic with complete privacy assured.

All this only 90 minutes drive from Sydney CBD.

Relax on Balinese day beds on the cool verandas or pool pavilion, listen to the sound of bellbirds, watch the Kookaburras and Kangaroos, look out along the silvery McDonald River or over the fields and across the valley.

Our 15m x 5m swimming pool is perfect for lap swimming or just chill out in the water seat, on the sunbeds or in the pavilion.

Take one of the numerous bush walks possible on the property; around the cleared lands, up to a flat rock peak to watch the sunrise or across farmland for a swim or kayak in the river.

You will share with one other in a luxurious bedroom with King Single beds and lush bedding. Or you may choose the Private Room option.

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