Invoking the Goddess

by Anique Radiant Heart

About Anique Radiant Heart

Anique Radiant Heart is a light-filled woman who has dedicated her life to serving and teaching about the Divine mother. Below is her story.


priestess01 There is a feeling on our planet at this time. Some call it “the quickening”, while others call it “the dawning of Aquarius”. Many women are recognising this energy as “the return of the Great Mother”.

Women everywhere are responding to an ancient call, a deep need within to connect with the Divine Mother, with the Light and also with each other. All over the globe, women are gathering by the light of the full moon, alone in front of their altars by candlelight, and in meeting halls, temples and humble living rooms to honour the feminine creative force.

Why are we doing this? What is it about worshipping the Divine Mother that resonates so deeply within us? I can only answer for myself, so this is my story.

I was born in Egypt in 1947 of French/Lebanese Jewish parents. The times were mellow in those days; the Europeans were well off, particularly the Jews. I remember my comfortable home, with the servants doing the washing, the cleaning and the cooking, and my mother and father enjoying a life of ease. All this changed in 1956, when the military dictatorship decreed that Egypt was for the Egyptians, no more English and French rule…All non-Egyptians and non-Arabs OUT! And quite right it was.

My whole extended family chose Australia as our new home… we were penniless, the Egyptian government having kept all the wealth. So as a child of 9, I had to deal with a huge geographical and cultural elocation, as well as the transition from upper-middle class to working class existence.

All this to explain that I was born into a life of deep spiritual belief, and strong ethno/cultural connection.

In the late seventies, I discovered feminism. It was a revelation that led me to question all hitherto important areas of my life, including religion. They were heady days, and I grew and developed at an amazing rate of knots.


I quickly became unhappy with the patriarchal Jewish notion of Spirit. I could no longer relate to a vengeful, omnipresent male deity, who decreed that women were second class and that one race of people were better than another, “the chosen.”

me1980 In 1982 I attended my first Women’s Spiritual Festival at Ballina. This was a major turning point in my life.

I was not aware of this when I agreed to go. I was going simply to be with my new found friends and to have a good time. The setting was beautiful, in the bush by a beautiful river.

The program was intriguing with all kinds of workshops and activities, and the vista upon my arrival: women everywhere, all shapes and sizes, wearing all the colours of the rainbow, mad hairstyles, ethereal looking women, women with great big boots and overalls, …it was intoxicating!

It was here that I discovered the Goddess and my sacred connection. I learned that for over 30,000 years of recorded time, people lived peacefully, in harmony with the land, worshipping the Great Mother who gave them life in every way. That in every culture across this mighty planet, She was revered and her rituals were enacted.

That She was known by a thousand names: Kali, Isis, Pele, Yemaya, White Buffalo Woman, Oshun, Hathor, Ishtar, Quetzelotl, and many, many more. That her message was simple: honour the Earth and all that lives upon her, honour the sky and all that lives within her, honour the oceans and all that lives within her, and honour the feminine, from which all life flows. Draw in the Light of Creation and be joyful!

Since the early eighties I have been working deeply to develop the closest possible connection with the Light on a daily basis. I have educated myself and worked with a number of inspiring Spiritual teachers who have guided me along a wondrous and transformational path. I have realised that my work in the world is to gather women and share my knowledge. anique_b&w

The Divine Mother has gifted me with a spectacular voice and I use it to heal and teach women how to heal themselves. I have self-produced 7 albums, the last 5 on CD.

In October 2002, I released a stunning album of prayers, chants and songs dedicated to the Goddess called “INVOKING”. It is designed as a daily spiritual practice, and many women are using it each morning to begin their day.

The seven chakra chants I use in my workshop “SINGING THE CHAKRAS” are also on the CD, so at last I have the teaching aid I deserve to best teach women how to heal their bodies and souls with tone and chant. In 2005, I released the second album in the trilogy – “EMBRACING THE GODDESS” which is available through the EMBRACING page. This album, co-written with David Calaby, is my best work to date. This CD, which is all devotional songs to the Goddess, could also be sung to a lover. There are also songs about the seasons, the Moon and the Circle. In 2008 the third and final CD in the trilogy was birthed. “LIVING THE GODDESS” is quite different from the first two in that it is designed to be a sacred tool for Priestesses as well as beautiful listening. There are extended chants which can be used as singing meditations. The first song, “NO SEPARATION” has been picked up by women everywhere as a daily mantra.This year, 2010, I began a 7 year musical project to co-create a CD of healing music for each chakra, as a support tool for my teaching and also for divine listening. The first CD “KUAN YIN – Light of Compassion” has just been released. I am very proud of this CD as it carries such a healing vibration and will surely bring peace and joyous calm to all who listen.

ustour1994 My CD “HOT AND MELLOW” released for my 50th birthday 10 years ago was the culmination of 30 years as a fine jazz singer.

The release of this CD and my 50th birthday, in September

1997, marked another major turning point in my life: my decision to no longer sing jazz with a band.

Now I focus my life on my workshops, spiritual music, and write songs and chants for women to use in daily spiritual life. In the last 16 years, my work has taken me overseas, where I have been honored to present workshops, present papers at conferences about my work, and sing at women’s gatherings and also in many churches and temples. The women and men I have met and keep meeting, inspire me to continue. coogeefrontgate

This is a process that I like to savor and take time with. In writing these songs, chants and prayers, I am honoring the gift of voice I have been blessed with.

From 1996 till 2002, I organised “INVOKING THE GODDESS SPRING CREATION GATHERING” for women, at Minto, where women gathered in Spirit and enjoyed workshops, entertainment, incredibly delicious healthy food and a glorious environment. My aim was to give women a small taste, once a year, of how life can be if only we would take the time to focus on the Divine in each other and ourselves.

Now, my focus has changed and I am traveling too frequently to organise the Gathering in the same way each year. However, I will still be gathering the women, but now with a particular focus. In 2007 I convened a forum for women on depression as it relates to women. I did this for two years, and as a result a book was published. Also in 2007, it was my honor and pleasure to be the Australian anchor for the international Gather the Women Congress held at the Women’s College Sydney University 6/7/8/ July 2007.

Every three months or so, depending on my workload, on the Solstices and Equinoxes, I produce the “INVOKING THE GODDESS” newsletter — now in its 13th year!! I had been printing it and distributing it free for women and men who love the Goddess. The cost involved has become prohibitive however, due to the huge increases in postage. So now it is available here!
I also was invited to present at the Glastonbury Goddess Conference for the first time in 2004. It was an amazing experience, as it happened right after my furry canine companion of 10 years Gemma died. My emotions were high and it was often challenging, yet awsome and wonderful. 2006 brought my second invitation to the Glastonbury Goddess Conference. I also led a tour around the sacred sites in south west England right after the Conference – what a great experience with some wonderful women. 2007, I had my first experience of Her Holiness Sai Maa. To say my life has changed to my very core is an understatement. I feel I have found a new Spiritual Teacher and I am blessed. Today, it is June 2010, as I update this very long page!!! Since I last wrote, a number of important things have happened. In 2007, at the Australian Goddess Conference, I was honored as a Foremother of the Australian Goddess Community. An honour I take very seriously. Also, in the past 7 years, my global perspective had grown immensely and I now travel, sing and present workshops in Holland, Hungary, France, Italy, Spain, England, Taiwan, New Zealand, the US and here in Australia. I invite you to enjoy my site and explore the many aspects of my world. May the Goddess smile on you and may yoube Blessed be!
UPDATE 2014So much has happened in the last 4 years…..I have so much to tell you, but I will wait for another 6 weeks or so to be able to show you pics of the new Temple of the Global Goddess!!!!! So keep watching this space. Much love to you all.Anique