Invoking the Goddess

by Anique Radiant Heart

Australian Temple of the Global Goddess

The Goddess Temple near Maitland NSW

Blessed Be! The Temple is open and welcomes you!

The Temple is dedicated to these ideas:

There is One Divine Power of which each individual is an Essential Expression; this Energy can be directed with Our intentions, thoughts, prayers and actions to improve Our lives and to heal Our world.

All forms of Energy directed by any individual are ultimately returned in some form to the sender.

Each woman is free to do as She will, providing Her intent is wholesome, to Herself and to others.

Every woman is Priestess of Her own life and can use Her Divinely-inspired intuition to guide Her. Divinity lives within all; every woman can access this Holy Spirit for Her own benefit; no intermediary is needed.

Each woman already holds the entire body of knowledge of the Universe within; accessing this Infinite Knowledge requires releasing negative ego and accepting Oneness.

Each woman is honored as both Priestess and Sister to all other women; every phase of woman’s life from child to elder is honored as essential to the balance of society and the well-being of humanity and the environment.

Healthy diversity is celebrated: ethnic, racial, sexual, economic, social and appearance.

The patriarchy (rule of the father, dominator model) under which we live is now lovingly and powerfully giving way to Sacred Feminine Principles of wholeness, interconnectedness of all beings, justice, peace, sharing, harmony, love and consideration of the good of all.

Sacred Feminine Power births all in the universe that is seen and unseen: sentient beings, the physical world, energy, concepts and principles. Women are welcome to refer to the Divine by any name with which they are comfortable. In prayers led by Temple priestesses, the Divine is generally referred to in the feminine form, such as “Great Mother,” “Goddess,” “Sacred Feminine Power for Good,” or occasionally a neutral term such as ‘Ground of Being,” “The Eternal,” or “Holy Spirit




As you enter the Temple,  this dedicated

Priestess will smoke you and clear

 your energy bodies………


By the door, you will see that
Lakshmi is
waiting to receive your donation.
Those who have donated to the Temple have been well
rewarded by
Lakshmi, Goddess of Abundance, Wealth and


 templeThe Temple is also a Healing Centre, offering Crystal Singing Bowl healings, as well as workshops and retreats to heal the body and nourish the Soul.


The EAST Altar – the Element of WATER
Our sacred tears, our emotions, the power of flow and change through steady and gradual transformation.
As well as many other things………



The NORTH Altar  –  the Element of FIRE 
Our sacred blood,  our passion,  the power of transformation and alchemy, and change through quick and fiery experience. As well as the spark of the call to action/creation, and many other things………





The WEST Altar  –  the Element of EARTH 
Our sacred bones and flesh, our ability to ground and centre,  the power of creativity, abundance, and change through steady dedication, responsibility and joy!
As well as many other things………




The SOUTH Altar  –  the Element of AIR 
Our sacred breath, the mind, our ability to channel, the power of thought and wisdom,  and change through steady listening to Her guidance. As well as many other things………




The CENTRE Altar  –  SHE who is ALL
Our sacred SOUL, OUR Higher Selves,  our yearning to connect and be in DEVOTION and SERVICE whilst holding KINDNESS as our guide, seeking Her guidance.
As well as many other things………



The Priestesses of the Temple of the Global Goddess train for 3 years to be ordained.

 Their love, skills and dedication to Goddess make the Temple a Holy Place and a Sacred Site….which in years to come will be remembered by many who came and worshipped.


In 2016, this Temple and its Priestesses co-created with Grandmother Bilawara Lee the most fabulous Conference — A FIRST IN AUSTRALIA — where Aboriginal women and non-Aboriginal women came together under the aegis of the Divine Feminine.


Priestess Training begins again in November 2017.

Blessed Bee!!!!!!!