Invoking the Goddess

by Anique Radiant Heart


Full Moon Rituals
Full Moon Rituals

At every full moon, I take the opportunity of doing a ritual of empowerment and regeneration for myself and for the planet. When the Moon is full, it means that the energy in all things is at its peak. Things grow more quickly, the cells in our body are full of water, we feel more energetic and we have more power. Our thoughts and words are very powerful at this time. It is like the full power of Summer, when everything blooms and it is also related to the “Mother” aspect of a woman’s life.So each full moon, no matter what our age is we have the opportunity of “birthing” whatever we need to birth. Of course, it helps to sow the seeds during the Dark Moon, but even if not, the Full Moon is a great time to put out the energy for manifestation. It is also a great time to clear crystals. I like to use sea water, but salted water will do. Place all your crystals in a large bowl with salted water, and leave out under the moon overnight. In the morning, rinse with clear water and blow three times on each crystal. While you blow on them, send healing and love.
Summer Solstice
Summer Solstice

Summer Solstice is the time when we celebrate the fullness of life. Using the plant as an analogy, it is the time when the plant is in full flower, the time when the fruit is grown to full size and begins to ripen. It is the time in a woman’s life when she is a Mother. Not necessarily in the biological sense, but the time when she comes into her full fecund power, able to manifest what she needs in her life. Summer Solstice is also the longest day in the year.The Summer Solstice ritual is based on gratitude and celebration of all our achievements for the past year. It is also the ritual where we raise energy to generate abundance and manifest our dreams. We gather in a safe and secret place and bring together red and green candles. We wear the summer colours of bright green, bright orange and all the colours of flowers and trees.

We create an altar to the Goddess with fresh flowers as the centerpiece and we each create a small parcel (made from paper or cardboard only and tied with cotton or wool – no synthetics) which contains our dreams and visions written on pieces of paper, which we wish to manifest. All the small parcels are placed on the altar. With chanting, dancing, drumming and prayer, we raise power and do our sacred work. Details of the ritual are shared at the beginning of the evening. Wear your ritual clothes, bright colors, sparkles, glitter, feathers, beads, shells and anything else which appeals to your sense of ritual. Bring your drum and musical instruments.

Spring Equinox
Spring Equinox

I celebrate the Spring Equinox each year with a celebration of some kind. Each year I give thanks for the Earth and Her abundance and celebrate the return of Persephone – Daughter of Demeter – she who brings back the Spring and fertility to the Earth.Rituals of sister bonding and honouring joy and the return of energy and vitality to all the Mothers creations are powerful now. The feeling is light, inspired and unstopable.We create an altar of tender colours….pink….light green……lavender and white. For Spring Equinox is strongly linked with the energy of the Maiden This is the time in a womans life when she explores, experiences and applies much of what she discovers only to move on to the next experience and learn anew.
Rituals & Gatherings
Rituals & Gatherings

Doing ritual to celebrate and honour the Divine Mother on solstices, equinoxes and cross quarter days is part of my spiritual practice.I will travel to facilitate any of these rituals in your area.

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Dates to remember:

Spring Equinox – September 19 – 23

Beltain – October 31

Summer Solstice – December 20 – 22

Lammas – February 2

Autumn Equinox – March 20 – 23

Halloween – May 1

Winter Solstice – June 20 – 22

Candlemas – August 1

Full Moon Rituals

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Menache Rituals

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