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The goddess temples

The Temple of the Global Goddess is dedicated to reviving the Ancient Religions of the Goddess of a Thousand names and faces. We have 2 locations, the Mother Temple in Maitland and the Sister Temple in Sydney. High Priestess Anique Radiant Heart is the Presiding Priestess in Maitland, and her apprentice Priestess Aphrodena (Maree Lipschitz) is the Presiding Priestess in Sydney.

We do this by organising women-only gatherings and events so that women can deepen in Spiritual Sisterhood.

The Australian Goddess Conference

The Australian Goddess Conference is the only women only Goddess event in Australia. This safe space for women is rooted in ceremony and art, and held in a natural environment not too far from Sydney. All paths to the Goddess are honoured.

The Priestess Convocation in Crete 2020 will be the first of a number of events with a global perspective. Bringing together those of us who identify as Priestess. All forms of Priestressing are honoured, as are all paths to the goddess.

High Priestess

The Temple, under the leadership of Anique Radiant Heart, offers a 3 year Priestess of the Global Goddess Training. The trainings are held in the Temple, face to face, one weekend a month, over 9 months of the year.