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27 October – 4 November 2024

A Sacred Pilgrimage for People of Goddess

The theme for this tour is: INVOKING HATHOR


Beloved pilgrim, I’m so glad you are interested in this tour, because it will change the way you view the world for ever. You will be led by myself, High Priestess of the Global Goddess Anique Radiant Heart, and with my magical voice, I will bring the sites alive for you and open your heart to receive the transformation you came for.


I was born in Egypt in 1947, and came to Australia with my family in 1956 when I was 9 years old. I had never thought about returning to Egypt until a wise Aboriginal sister told me that I had to return and re-connect with my Ancestors there. I had to bring some dirt back with me from Egypt, and bury it in my garden so my Ancestors would know where to find me when I passed over.


In the Ancestors Chamber in the Temple of Hathor at Dendera, on my first tour to Egypt in 2018, I connected with them strongly, and they blessed me by opening a portal of understanding of the hidden messages in many of the sacred sites in Egypt and also in other lands. It will be my honour and my pleasure to share these insights with you on our beautiful tour.


This tour is very special because I have been guided to assist you to find your Life Purpose. We all came into this LIFE with special gifts. When we examine what our special gifts are, we find clues to our LIFE Purpose. During the tour, we will enjoy a series of planned ceremonies at various sites, designed to open archetypal memories and reveal our Akashic Records. This is the reason I have booked an amazing guide, who is well known and respected at all the sites. He will ensure we have privacy and safety for our private ceremonies and to invoke the Goddess Hathor as she wishes to be revealed just for our group.


Another special aspect of this tour is our accommodation. I have opted for better hotels, with most nights being 5 Star. Our Cruise Ship will be 5 star and very luxurious.


As I am an Elder, my tour is highly suited to older pilgrims, or pilgrims with slight disabilities. I keep the walking to a minimum and the speed is leisurely. This is important, as I find most tours simply exhausting.


If you have any questions or to register

Download the full itinerary here

Day 1: Arrival to Cairo International Airport

Arrival to Cairo International Airport 

Greetings and welcome to Cairo! The Goddess Selket greets you at the airport! 

Your magical tour begins with a Goddess in Egypt representative, who will be waiting for you at the airport with your name on a sign. 

Our hotel is the Rameses Hilton Hotel Cairo. A superb hotel with many restaurants and other amenities such as a fitness centre and a spa. Enjoy a fabulous dinner of your choice as you meet your fellow pilgrims. Then, you might enjoy a flutter at the Casino! 

Day 2:
In the morning, after breakfast which is included, The Goddess In Egypt representative will pick you up from your hotel and will accompany you from your hotel for an excursion where you will be awed by the sight of the great Pyramids of Cheops, Chephren and Mykerinus. 

These ancient Temples, renowned for their sound healing resonances, were also places of power where the rich and powerful would come to energetically re-align with the Cosmos, or the deities. Included in the 

ticket price is the chance to visit inside the Great Pyramid of Giza. For those who are able, you can climb down into the great pyramid, however you will have to be able to walk bent over at the waist. 

Following this extraordinary experience, we will stop at the Sphinx, an ancient symbol of the Goddess, signifying the power and wisdom of the Goddess embodied as half lion and half woman. 

After lunch we will visit the new GRAND MUSEUM 

 Gallabiyah at the market in egypt

Day 3:

GODDESS-EGYPT tour. - visit the sphinx

Saqqara Pyramid and Temple complex. 

Sakkara Pyramid, located only 27 km southwest away from Cairo. Visit the Step Pyramid (Built for king Zoser), it is considered an important part of the process of the pyramid evolution, which were made from the simple mastaba to its widely known form. The ticket includes visiting some other tombs from old density, Kajimni tomb, Petah Hoteb tomb, Titi Tomb. 

After lunch, we will have a shopping afternoon. 

The whole point of shopping early on the tour is so you can take or wear your jewellery or local clothing to the sacred sites where they will be energized and imbued with the power of the sites. We will bless any items you buy as we visit the amazing sacred sites on the tour. 

Day 4:
In the morning, after breakfast which is included, the Goddess in Egypt representative will pick you up from the hotel and take you to the airport for our flight to Aswan where we will visit the Temple of Isis at Philae. Built to honour the Goddess Isis, This was the last temple built in the classical Egyptian style, typical of the pre – pharaonic period, before the priests of Amun took over the spiritual/worship life of the people. It was at this time that gods began to overtake the Goddess. 

Before we actually arrive at the Temple proper, we will visit the old Gate/Arch which led to the Priestess House, where the ancient Priestesses of Isis and Hathor would ceremonially enter the sacred inner sanctum of their place of living and worship. Here we shall chant and do a simple yet powerful ceremony to prepare us for our entry into the Temple. We will re-connect with the ancient Priestesses of the Temple and ask them to join us. We will call them in with invocation and song. 

GODDESS-EGYPT tourboats on the nile

Day 5: After a superb breakfast and lunch, your guide will meet you and yake you to the Temple of Kom Ombo. This temple was built to Honour the Crocodile – headed god Sobek, who 

gradually took over the role of Tawaret as the “god” of fertility. 

In some of the later depictions of Tawaret, he is seen riding on her back. I feel this temple has been built over a number of much older Temples, as its location is one of great power. 

It is located right in the banks of the Nile, and was constructed with underground channels that filled initiation chambers below ground. 

I feel many initiations were enacted there to make the Priestesses imbued with the power to assist women in all the birthing rites, as well as the power to induce pregnancy. 

Day 6:

The Goddess in Egypt tour guide will accompany you from your Nile cruise to a horse and carriage to visit the Horus Temple in Edfu. It is considered to be one of the most well-preserved temples and the second largest in Egypt. 

However, the treasure here is an ancient “hoy of holy’s” – the old Temple to Hathor, which is not even looked at by most tourists. In fact it is considered so “unimportant” that there are no guards here. 

Here we will be free to do a deep and powerful ceremony, to bring the Goddess back to Centre in both Egypt and the world. 

Afterwards, you will be transferred back to your Nile Cruise. Enjoy the sailing to Luxor. 

Day 7: In the morning, after breakfast which is included, you will check out from cruise ship, and the Goddess in Egypt representative will pick you up and accompany you from your Nile Cruise by an air conditioned deluxe coach to visit the west bank of the river Nile where you will enjoy the experience of the Valley of the Queens. 

The experience will continue with a visit to the Hatshepsut Temple at El Deir El Bahary. 

The Queen Hatshepsut was the only named female pharaoh, and High Priestess of Hathor, and the temple dedicated to her is as exceptional as she was, rising up in a series of terraces from the yellow desert. To the far left of the Temple complex is an ancient holy of holy’s dedicated to Hathor, which remains from the old Temple site which was built over. 

However, as with many temples (and also as in many churches around the world) the new priests knew that they had to keep a remnant of the old ancient Mother Goddess, or the people would not embrace the new religion. The little “chapel” is locked of course, but you can still look in and feel the power which is still there. 

After lunch, we will visit the Temple of Karnak. This temple was originally built over the Hathor Temple that was there before it was 

dedicated to God Amon, his wife Mut, and their son Khonsu. It is one of the most powerful patriarchal edifices in Egypt. It was here that the Amon priests reached their ultimate power and it is here that the worship of the great Mother Goddess was finally cut down in the minds of the people. 

When I first visited the Temple, I found it hard to enter, but of course I had to as I was Tour leader, and as I crossed over the threshold, I felt a powerful “blow” to my Heart Chakra, and I began to shake. 

I had a vision of all the High Priestesses of all the Hathor and Isis temples being rounded up and brought here. I watched in horror as their hair was brutally cut off and their breasts mutilated, before they were stoned to death, as a warning to all that worship of the Great Mother was now taboo. 

It took all my power to continue. 

But I did so because the gift of this site is the small Sekhmet Chapel, where we shall have private entry. Here there is a holy if holy’s, with an extraordinary statue of Sekhmet, which mysteriously moves before your eyes. 

After the Temple at Karnak you will be transferred to visit the Temple of Luxor which is located in the Heart of Luxor City. 

This enormous structure, also holds a little treasure, another holy of holy’s dedicated to Hathor and Sekhmet. Again, here there are no guards, and we will do a powerful ceremony to Sekhmet, asking her to heal the wounds we all carry as Priestesses, from these terrible times of persecution of those who loved the Great Mother Goddess 

After the Temple, you have plenty of time to shop at the souk! We will also visit a very special silver jewelry store, which also has also has a large lower floor with all sorts of treasures! 

hathors head

Day 8: –

In the morning, after breakfast which is included, the Goddess in Egypt representative will accompany you from your hotel and you will go for to Dendera and visit the ancient Temple of Hathor. 

The name Hathor is made up of: Hat – meaning “highest” and Hor – meaning “light”. So She was named The Supreme Light – or –The Supreme Creatrix. 

The Dendera Temple complex, which contains the Temple of Hathor, is one of the best-preserved temples, if not the best-preserved one, in all of Upper Egypt. 

I was sure that there would be some remnant of proof that the old original Temple was there. And sure enough, in one of the side chambers, I found a hole where the previous foundations show through. 

At the side of the Temple is the sacred man-made lake or initiation pool. In ancient times, and until relatively recently, before the Nile River was dammed in a number of places, at Full Moon, when the river rose and swelled, the waters would flow from underground channels into this pool, and the Priestesses would do Full Moon 

rituals to make sure the land would continue to be green. Alas, these days, the land is far from green, and the great gardens of Hathor are lost to us. 

We will do powerful ritual here. 

After lunch, we shall visit Abydos and the Temple of Seti. The Temple of Seti I, also known as the Great Temple of Abydos, is one of the main historical sites in Abydos The temple was built by pharaoh Seti 1. At the rear of the temple there is the Osireion. And we will find the Hathor chapel. 

Day 9: In the morning, after breakfast which is included, the Goddess in Egypt representative will be waiting for you at the Hotel. He will accompany you to the airport where there will be one of the 

Goddess in Egypt staff who will help you to check into your plane for your international flight, we wish you a happy flight, and hope you will tell all your friends how wonderful the tour is. 

So my beloved sister, begin to think about what you want to find in Egypt…….She is waiting to welcome you and I am ready to hold you while She unfolds what you have been yearning to know. 

I can’t wait to greet you in Egypt. May She guide you in safety and joy. 

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