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Goddess tour in Crete

10  –  17   October  

Traveling to Crete, leading fabulous tours for fabulous sisters, has been my pleasure for the last 20 years.

Intimately relating to the raw powerful land of this small island has transformed me at a cellular level.  Tuning in to the energies of the ancient Priestesses at the Temple sites, caves and grottos, has deepened my intuitive archeological appreciation of their incredible power and dedication to Goddess.

My intention in offering this tour is to assist sisters to “remember” our glorious matrilineal past.  Although the Minoan culture was not matrilineal per se, it was totally woman focused and positions of power were held by women.

It is also clear, as evidenced by the seal above (which you will see in the Museum) that Priestesses officiated all ceremonies and rituals of the Temple.

On this tour, we will explore how the Goddess was adored, experience Her through the land, Her waters, Her iconography, and walk in the footsteps of the Ancient Priestesses. We shall stay at a gorgeous hotel with all food and beverages included (even alcoholic ones) and travel in an air-conditioned bus.

Will you join me?


Arrival at Chrissi Amoudia, settling in and welcome dinner.

You will be picked up from the airport in an air conditioned bus.


Today we visit the Heraklion Museum which is newly renovated and has an extensive display of the Minoan culture.  Afterwards we shall have lunch at a local Taverna or we can arrange a lunch box for you from the hotel.  I have found that most prefer to have a Taverna lunch which is very cheap in Crete, and great fun!

After lunch we shall go shopping for oils and honey for our ceremonial libations etc………

When we are ready, we shall return to the hotel for rest and dinner.


Today we visit the Skortino Cave, a truly amazing cave that is huge and so magical.  You can climb right down to the bottom and be in complete darkness… powerful.

Afterwards, we shall visit the Archanes Museum, a fabulous intimate museum with extraordinary depictions of the Ancient Priestesses and how they were buried.   Afterwards we shall have lunch at a local Taverna/box lunch.

After lunch we shall visit Phourni, to the tomb of an ancient Priestess.  Here the energy is so powerful, it brings me to tears.  Here we will do a wondrous ceremony of connection.

When we are finished we will return to the hotel for a swim before dinner.


Today we visit the village of Agios Thomas and explore the amazing grottos there.  These ancient cave-like grottos were obviously used for ceremonial purposes.  Here again, in total privacy, as these grottos are not on the usual tourist trail, we shall enact a deep and moving ceremony, connecting to the ancestors of place and our own ancestors.

We shall have lunch at the local Taverna, and I will do a blessing in the gorgeous little church nearby.

Then we will visit the Temple at Knossos – one of the largest complexes in Crete, and the home of the famous Snake Goddess.  Just across the road, is the best shopping in Crete in my opinion.

When we are satisfied with shopping, its back to the hotel for dinner.


Today we visit the Temple at Phaistos.  This is one of the last temples to fall after the patriarchal invasions of Crete.  It is a deeply moving place and here we shall honour the ancient Priestesses who defended the Temple for as long as they could.

Then we shall have lunch at Kalamaki Beach, at a Taverna I have supported for many years.

After lunch,  we shall visit the Paliani Convent, which has a beautiful ancient Myrtle tree.  Here we shall offer prayers and chant.

Then back to the hotel for dinner.

DAY 6  

Today we visit a very precious and sacred little cave – the Eileithyia Cave, or women’s sacred birthing cave.  Women from all over Crete would come to this cave to sit on the Omphalos Stone to ask for fertility.  We will sit on this navel of the world and ask that we birth our dreams and projects as well as asking for children if that is what we desire.   Deeper into the cave, we will do a ritual of release and healing, to honour the Souls of any children we have had to let go of. 

Afterwards, we shall visit the Nikos-Giorgos Pottery workshop, makers of traditional Minoan Pottery.  We shall watch as a very large pot is created in minutes right before our eyes!  It is also one of the best places to buy the pottery as it is much cheaper.

Then we shall have lunch at a  local Taverna.

After lunch, we visit the Sfetoni Cave in the village of Anogia.  This cave has been “upgraded” to accommodate tourists and has a light show to highlight certain aspects of the cave.  An interesting and informative experience.   

There is time after this visit to go shopping in Hersonisos if you would like to.  Or we can go back to the hotel for a swim or a rest before dinner.

DAY 7  

This is my favourite day of the tour – our visit to the Temple at Malia.  This temple was the home of the Bee Priestesses of ancient Crete.  This magnificent complex was where the famous bee pendant was found.  With eyes to see, we can understand what happened here…and it is thrilling!

Afterwards, we shall have lunch at a local Taverna,  and either have a swim at the beach,  or go shopping.  There is good shopping at Malia.

In the evening, we are offering you the opportunity to enjoy some Minoan Theater.  You will enjoy a depiction of an ancient Minoan ritual, and also have a real Minoan dinner

This is optional and price will depend on the cost at the time – around €50


Sadly, today we must depart.  So after a celebratory goodbye breakfast,  the bus will take you to the airport for your flight home or onwards.

You will depart with a much heavier suitcase and a much lighter heart.  The friendships you make will last a lifetime and the experiences will shape your archetypal memories for ever. 

Join me for a truly wonderful multi-dimensional experience.  There will be ritual, ceremony, offering of prayers, chanting and spiral dancing.  All in the magical and sacred atmosphere of Crete and in the presence of Goddess.

Will you join me?

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Anique Radiant Heart

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