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Priestess Training

The Priestess of the Global Goddess Training takes the form of the Seasons of a Woman”s Life as linked to the Soul’s Evolution.

Over a three year period, we journey through our Herstory, Our Power and Our Service. We learn skills which were developed in the Ancient Temples and are relevant today.

We call in our Goddess Archetypes and Animal Guides, we link energies with the Phases of our Sister Moon, and we celebrate Her Nature through Her Seasons as experienced in our Sacred Bodies. After all, it is our bodies which are the Temple of Our Soul. And our Purpose is to consciously work with our Soul’s Evolution.

The first year of the Training Journeys for the Priestess of the Global Goddess Training takes place over nine months, on the second weekend of the month, beginning each November. The Trainings take place at The Temple of the Global Goddess in Maitland.

Lunch, morning and afternoon tea are provided on both days. The Second and Third years will follow the same Journey.

Would you like to. know more about priestess training? Download the information pack (PDF)