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Chants to the heal the world


blessings to you my beloved friends, may the peace of the Goddess be surrounding you. This CD is all about peace, bringing the peace and joy back into the forefront of this world we live in.
I have been pondering the woes of the world, and for me, it distills down to four things.

  • The need to dissolve resistance to a blissful existance
  • Affirming that we are all beings of light designed to be joyful and peacefully creative
  • Understanding that there is enough  abundance for all
  • That a life lived in gratitude is the fertile ground for happiness

This CD is offered as a complete two hour sacred practice or a one hour sacred practice. It is also a tool for teachers and priestesses to use any of the extended chants to bring a congregation to a place of deep connection and calm. May you find your own peace and joy.

Track List

Disk 1
1) Om Kali  – extended chant to kali (24.19)

2) May we be peace – extended chant (16.43)

Disk 2
1) Om Lakshmi – extended chant (15.30)

2) Mother  I thank you – extended chant (29.32)

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Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13 cm