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Embracing the goddess


The songs on this cd are ment to be sung , anywhere, anytime and in anyway you wish.
I love to hear my music passing through the lips of others. Listen and sing them often, there is love and healing embedded within them, in love and healing to you.

This CD is dedicated to the late brilliant Monica Sjoo.  I was blessed to spend a day with Monica, not long before she passed. I sang the entire album for her before it was recorded. She listened with her eyes closed sometimes shedding a tear, and when I finished, she embraced me and asked to have an endorsement from here to be in the cd, we have. put her endorsement in the reviews.

Cover art by Amalya (

Track list

1) Singing her praise

2) Moon mother

3) Journey

4) Summer Solstice

5) Autumn Equinox

6) Winter Solstice

7) Spring Equinox

8) Blessing of the ancients

9) Heart prayer

10) Flying to you

11) Rising like a phoenix

12) Moving ever closer to you

13) Casting the circle

14) Daily prayer

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