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Our worlds have changed………we are no longer the unburdened, wild women we once were. We have been tethered by covid. We have surrendered to LIFE as it is today, with limited access to each other. The Online World now rules.
And this is not a bad thing. Because we have Zoom!

I have created a space which invites you to come and share your point of view. A space which is beautiful, lush, safe, sacred and inspiring. A space filled with feminist sensibilities, musical candy and spiritual food of all kinds.
It happens every Dark Moon. Why Dark Moon? Because that is when the veil between the worlds is most thin, and we can see and hear Hathor very clearly. Hathor will guide us through a different topic each month, offering you an opportunity to share your wisdom, knowledge and your opinion.No fear of judgement here.

For the first month’s gathering, Hathor will show us her ancient Temple at Dendera Egypt. Using pictures from my tours to Egypt, and others gifted to me by my sister travelers, we shall explore the magnificent Temple and adjoining women-made lake and some of the mysteries that Hathor is renowned for.

Dress code
So put on your finest Egyptian finery, or stay in your pajamas, and join us each Dark Moon in HATHOR’S CHAMBER. I shall be waiting for you with sweet dates, milk and honey.

When: SUNDAY, 2 JANUARY 2022 FROM 14:00-16:00
between 2-4pm (Australian Eastern Standard time) on the closest Sunday to Dark Moon.
Each Salon will be recorded should you wish to simply view the splendor.

Zoom – link will be sent on purchase

Hathor and I look forward to welcoming you into our sacred chamber of mysteries.
“She changes everything She touches”

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