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Kuan Yin – Light of compassion


Kyan yin blesses the heart chakra, which is the central driving force of our subtle bodies. If the heart chakra is out of balance, our whole energy system cannot function with grace.
Kuan yin embodies the light of the heart chakra, by calling her in through chant and prayer, we energise the heart chakra easily and beautifully.

This CD is a complete heart. chakra healing. Each chant is designed to open and “charge” the heart centre, with ease and grace. Tears will often come, as the hard shell of everyday living is cracked open and the feelings spill up to be seen, embraced, and then to be let go or deepened as needed.

Cover art by Amalya (
May the goddess touch you deeply.

Track list

1) Forgiveness (7.49)

2) Mother of divine Grace (32.41)

3) Prayer to kuan yin (24.21)

4) In your grace (8.24)

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Dimensions 13 × 13 × 13 cm