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Living the goddess


A way to the goddess through sacred song, chant & prayer~
With deepest respect,loves and grace I offer you ~ “living the goddess”.

This compelation of sung prayers, chants and sacred songs completes the trillogy of

Open your heart, clear your mind, and listen to the sounds of the goddess.
as gifted from me, for you, from She who is ALL and the One.
May the music heal and assist you on your path. With light-filled love and blessings.

Track list

1) No separation (9:21)

2) Universal mother (7:02)

3) Bless our temple (4:12)

4) Walking in the light (5:19)

5) Om Nama shivaya (21:45)

6) Om tara tutara (13:26)

7) Ancient woman whisper (6:37)

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